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Trying to avoid an embarrassing situation? As a National Provider, our John School Diversion Education Program, is your best solution. The Life Wisdom Foundation offers a stress-free way to meet your John School Program class requirements, all from the convenience of your own home. Having provided this John School Program Solicitation Class for over 10 years, to thousands of students, rest assured that we have prepared courses that are fast, easy and stress-free! Simply do the course material, take the test, and receive your verifiable Letter of Completion immediately as an attachment to your email. 

Prostitution Diversion Programs can range from 12 - 16 hours, and are also available online. All students are required to pay a one-time fee, and must be paid in full prior to taking the class.

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Are you required to take a First Offender Prostitution Diversion Program? They are sometimes referred to as John School, John School Diversion, or John School Prostitution Diversion Programs. We can help! 

Every year, thousands of students participate in John School Prostitution, and First Offender Prostitution Solicitation Programs. Our goal is to provide a confidential environment, so that you can place this all behind you, and move on with your life. You are not alone.

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Arrested for Soliciting a Prostitute?

John School First Offender Diversion Programs are typically only 8 hour classes, and are available online. All students pay a one-time fee, and must be paid in full prior to taking the class.

Start Today - John School Program - First Offender Prostitute Solicitation Programs. Our program offers John School Program, Prostitution Prevention Classes and First Offender Prostitution. We are a National Provider of: Online John Schools and John Schools Prostitution Diversion Programs with First Offender John School Diversion. All Students who complete our John Schools Online First Offender Prostitution Course(s) receive proof of completion paperwork.

Trying to put this behind you?

Our first goal is to offer a private and stress free way to meet your John School Diversion requirement. Our Prostitution Diversion Programs are offered in a non-judgmental, online setting. When you complete your John School Diversion or John School Solicitation Class requirement, you will receive the required paperwork, so you may provide proof of completion.

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​John School Diversion and First Offender Prostitution Classes are Low Cost - 24/7 Access - USA and Canada

  Although Our Education Program Is Available To Everyone, Some Of The Most Popular Areas Are: Aurora - Brooklyn - Buffalo - Charlotte - Chicago - Cincinnati - Columbus - Cleveland - Dallas - Dayton -  Denver - Erie County - Fife - Fresno - Grand Rapids - Hamilton County - Hartford - Indianapolis - Johnson County - Kansas City - King County - Lakewood - Lenexa - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Minneapolis - Nashville - New Hanover County - Norfolk - Olmsted County - Orange County - Phoenix - Pierce County - Pittsburgh - Prairie Village - Rochester - Salt Lake - San Diego - San Francisco - Santa Monica - Seattle - Tacoma - Tampa - Waco - Washington - Palm Beach - Winston Salem - Worcester - Wyandotte County - Ypsilanti ... and more.


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